International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board (IPSASB)

  • The International Monetary Fund has praised the Bahamas for the successful implementation of a new value added tax (VAT), which has brought more than $500m for the government in the last fiscal year.
    13 Apr 16
    Public sector and accountancy professionals have convened in the Caribbean in hopes of strengthening the region’s public financial management.
  • UN vehicles
    9 Mar 16
    International Public Sector Accounting Standards are ing to build “a more accountable and efficient United Nations”, the organisation’s budget and administrative committee has said.
  • Spreadsheet
    9 Dec 15
    The International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board has established a consultative advisory group (CAG) to enable dialogue with key stakeholders such as governments, parliamentarians, audit...
  • Euro banknotes - Photo: iStock
    11 Oct 15
    The sovereign debt crisis has not gone away. And, as markets become more turbulent, only reform of global financial governance will cast light on governments’ true performance
  • Ian Carruthers
    30 Sep 15
    Ian Carruthers takes the helm at the Toronto-based IPSASB in the new year. He’s got big plans for raising public financial management standards worldwide
  • Ian Ball
    19 May 15
    Greece’s decision to adopt International Public Sector Accounting Standards is significant and very welcome. The next challenge is one of implementation – the task requires excellent...
  • Fayez Choudhury
    26 Feb 13
    The new chief executive takes charge of the International Federation of Accountants at a critical time for public sector finance. He talks to Cooking Recipes about the state of government accounting...