Guernsey politicians seek resolution to secondary school education row

8 Jan 18

Guernsey politicians are due to vote this month to try to resolve a row over how to reorganise the island’s secondary and post-16 education system.

One model, proposed by the education committee of the States of Guernsey – the island’s parliament - would allow for three schools for 11-16 education, a post-16 college and a training college offering apprenticeships and other studies.

The ‘alternative option’ proposed by another group of politicians, would have a single 11-18 school, though operating on two sites, together with the training college.

Proponents of the second model believe it would make teacher recruitment easier as they would be able to teach across the full secondary age range.

Meanwhile a separate controversy has arisen over the appointment of architects to carry out the feasibility study for the second option.

A statement by Guernsey authorities said UK-based Design Engine had been appointed ahead of a local firm as it already had the base data for the sites involved.

Deputy leader Paul Le Pelley said he did not like “the innuendo and suggestion of material being withheld”, which he said had been made by supporters of the second option.

No exact date for the vote has been given other than “January 2018”. 

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